Monthly Archives: September 2012

Skali Group

Skali is the company that I attend to training. I have been there almost 3 month. At the first I was assign under Creative Design track but I request to change my track to DotNet track and Miss Mutia agreed with it. At Skali, we have on job training and classes to attend.

The class that I passion to attend is EDP class which the class is conduct by Mr. Saiful Khairi Zainuddin the co-founder of Skali. He always give us the trick in the business world. Another personage that I respect in Skali is Tengku Farith Rithauddeen the CEO of Skali.

Even thought I never meet him before but one day I’ll InsyaAllah. I read a lot about him in other people blogs and also Wiki. here I attach the wiki link here and the blogs link here. He have launched a book name “Skali lagi”. I am eager to get his book. I hope I will get the book directly from him.