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Skali Group

Skali is the company that I attend to training. I have been there almost 3 month. At the first I was assign under Creative Design track but I request to change my track to DotNet track and Miss Mutia agreed with it. At Skali, we have on job training and classes to attend.

The class that I passion to attend is EDP class which the class is conduct by Mr. Saiful Khairi Zainuddin the co-founder of Skali. He always give us the trick in the business world. Another personage that I respect in Skali is Tengku Farith Rithauddeen the CEO of Skali.

Even thought I never meet him before but one day I’ll InsyaAllah. I read a lot about him in other people blogs and also Wiki. here I attach the wiki link here and the blogs link here. He have launched a book name “Skali lagi”. I am eager to get his book. I hope I will get the book directly from him.



Semalaman aku tunggu. Tak !

Dah beberapa hari aku tunggu.

tapi aku juga yang selalu beralah.

Hari ini aku bertambah sakit.

Kali ini bukan sakit di hati. Tapi sakit di gigi.

Akibat makan daging seterus nya menghilangkan mood aku.

Sambil menikmati baki satu jam lagi waktu aku di pejabat.

Melayani perasaan aku dengan lagu PENAKUT.

  Dan engkau pun tahu.. ku bukan milikmu..


huh !  why la ? rasa macam nak lari dari semua orang. nak berkhalwat dekat gua. semak samun kepala ni. punca ?

Terlalu fikir akan dia. Nak pergi tapi xtau cara. Merajuk susah pula nanti. Pergi bukan makna x sayang. cuma sometimes kita

perlukan ruang kita sendiri. kan ? aku masih mencari diri aku sendiri. Dekat kan diri dengan yang Maha Mengetahui.

Sila lah tulis something dekat hati yang kosong ni.

lagu kosong ni peneman dikala hati menjadi kosong.



First Assignment on USP Flash training

Well , This Flash training is conduct by Sir Yusri Zamri and his assistant. He give us first task to illustrate any object. So, mine was a popular gadget which is Samsung Galaxy S II.

In the middle of the image is is the outline of the smartphone. On the right side is the original picture of the smartphone. So, the left side is a illustrate of smartphone edit by me.

here of the image : 

P/S : Today was a 2nd day of that training . Here some of review that i’ve learn on this day. click here

Assalamualaikum !

Hello this is my first time using this tools. The reasons i’m doing this WP because i like to share what i’m doing. I’m a student of Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Ipoh campus branch. I’m major on Multimedia. The skills or software’s that i’ve learn there are such as :

  1. Adobe Dreamweaver
  2. Adobe Flash
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  5. Adobe After Effect

Well, now i’m joining a training call USP training organized by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDec) to improve my skill on Adobe Flash.

So, lets se my first website HIJRAH SUFI .